Equestrian Supplies

Hard Feed

As well as supplying hay, haylage and straw we also stock a wide variety of competitively priced horse feed from all major manufacturers including Baileys, Spillers, Allen & Page, Dodson and Horrell and Rowan Barbary. If we do not stock your usual choice of hard feed or equine supplement we will happily add it to our weekly feed delivery, please just ask.

All feeds are available for collection but please ring first to ensure someone is available to assist you. Alternatively why not order feed alongside your hay and straw in which case it is delivered to you free of charge

Branded Products

Silvermoor small bagged haylage is always in stock, useful for the one or two horse owner during the Summer months or for travelling purposes

Unibed is a dust extracted, medicated rape straw bedding stocked as an alternative to straw

Dust Extracted Shavings

Available all year round with a discount for bulk orders.